Messages 2007

Thomas Paine and War.

March 22nd, 2007

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Thomas Paine.

I come this afternoon to discuss my previous channeling in light of a reaction to it by a church colleague. When you received that message, you understood everything I was saying, including my intentions. But this was not evident at all to your friend. So let me be more explicit.

First of all, let me say that I live in a Celestial Sphere past the third, without number. So I believe that all forms of violence are wrong.

I did not believe this way on Earth, obviously. But if you read my previous channeling carefully, you will realize that I no where justified violence. Let me explain.

You will remember that in your channeling of Oliver Cromwell, you learned that he felt the full brunt of his actions with the Law of Compensation because he had an evil motive to do those acts of violence.

You channeled Abraham Lincoln, who said that he barely suffered even though so much bloodshed occurred as a result of his decisions. I know this still doesn’t make sense to you, but that’s because you are not the Creator.

I was making the point that the more important factor in violence in war has to do with one’s motives. Since my motives were generally sincere, genuine, and noble (I wanted to oppose injustice and bring about freedom), I suffered less than those Revolutionaries who took sadistic delight in harming and killing the British, and this did exist in that period.

But the truth of the matter is that because of the consequences of my acts, and the fact that I was a mere imperfect mortal, I could not escape suffering and guilt over here, and this is because even with my best intentions, it was mixed with earthplane negativity and sin, which caused me to suffer over here.

I made the additional point that regardless of how they got there, the fact remains that the colonists were able to assemble a Constitution and a government that was unusual and extraordinary for mortal history. The war, as all wars are, was a hodgepodge of motives, of sinful hate and noble ideals, of conviction and betrayal. The direct result of this mess was the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which were not tainted by the impurities and sins of war. And that is because the Creator had a hand in it.

So I hope I have clarified that I did not in any way wish to condone violence in my previous message. I was just making the point that the new American government itself was a thing apart, and entirely separate from the ambivalence and horrors of the war that preceded it.