Messages 2008

Demonstrate the Love in Body and in Soul.

June 29, 2008.

Vail, CO, USA.

Received by D.L.


I am here with you once again, and I have had such pleasure feeling your love ascend to the Father. And I want to assure you, which I need not, but will say that He has blessed each one of you today with a portion of His Love in return. You are my disciples, and I love you so dearly. I am aware of your struggles when you have struggles, and I am aware of your happiness when you are greatly fulfilled by the Blessings of our Father. For He knows all of you so intimately and loves you as the true children He wants all of His children to be; and He understands that, in order for this to take place, they must understand how to become His true children.

And you, my dear disciples, are and have been and always will be carrying on the tradition of receiving not only Love within you, but, by the Force of the Light that is within you, not just your words, you will be able to touch the souls of those who have yet to know how to receive this Love. And they will want to know more, for they will have felt something that they had not felt before upon the encounter of any one of you who possesses this Love.

I have said many times, in the past several years, that I have looked to you, my dear disciples, to go into the world, as I did with my earlier disciples. For it is time now to demonstrate the Love in body and in soul, not merely in books, as helpful as they are. As disciples, you are my loves, and that is going to begin to show more and more as those who come in contact with you will begin to sense more and more strongly that there is another Force on Earth that has arisen and is becoming stronger every day: the Force of Divine Persuasion— that invisible Force that touches from your soul to another’s soul, as I was so privileged to be able to do when I walked the hills of Palestine and the city of Jerusalem. And now you have this Power. And this Power grows in proportion to its use. As you give of this Love to others, it automatically reciprocates and in-fills your own souls as well. This is why it is so important for you to be in the world, but not of the world. For you come as “lights” to those who are in darkness and you offer a “candle” of loveliness, and they see it and peace comes to them. And so, I wanted to add today my own blessings and thankfulness for all that you do to help bring more and more of God’s children into His Kingdom.

I should like to add a point where you, my speaker of today, received a wonderful request. That request was from Barbara who wanted to know: was she receiving the Divine Love and was her son receiving any of the Divine Love. And I am happy to tell her that, indeed, both she and her son are on the path, and we are so happy, not only for them but for all who are now on the path.

And what remains, we all know, is the continuance of calling out to our brothers and sisters and having them share, as you have shared and will continue to share in this lovely week: the Love of God, and all the blessings that will thereby grow from that Love. I thank you for your indulgence, but, most of all, I thank you for you, your love, and for your great work for God and the Kingdom.

This is your friend and brother,