Messages 2008

Jesus’ View of Politicians.

September 18th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

We all see that you continue to be troubled by, and disagree with, what William Howard Taft said about politicians. He spoke his mind honestly. Now let me give you my opinion.

I believe that a politician is a beloved child of God before he or she is a politician. I believe they, like all mortals, are confronted with choices, and that their job is to serve the people as well as obey their conscience.

I also believe that it is a difficult task, since there are many pressures on them that the public is not aware of and doesn’t understand. I also believe that throughout your country’s [the United States] history, there have been politicians who courageously took stands that brought hardship.

Taft’s observations were his own, a product of what he experienced on earth. I was never overtly in the political arena, but I certainly have appreciated those times when principle was more important than expedience. It’s like any other human situation - life presents us with choices, and we choose, thereby defining our life and our soul.

You felt he generalized unfairly. Well, that is what he chose to say. The fact that he was a politician influenced what he said. It was his perspective based on his experience.

A politician’s life illustrates the great truth that we act by our motives and desires. Thus, they create their lives as we all do.

I hope my words help you to get a different perspective on this important subject. Remember that the spirits’ thoughts are not yours. You sometimes disagree strongly with what you channel.