Messages 2008

Politicians in the Spirit World.

June 18th, 2008

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, William Howard Taft.

Let me talk about my fate over here, and that of politicians in our country in general. We sink or swim not by popularity, votes, and political alliances, but by what is in our soul. Some of us simply did not believe in this, so for these souls, the spirit world has been a great shock.

What usually preoccupies a politician, as politician, is not an examination of one’s soul, but a calculated attempt to maintain power and defeat one’s opponents. Of course, there are all sorts of shades of behavior in these areas. Mixed in with this is a sincere desire to represent the country and one’s constituents.

So it has often been very hard for us over here, since the ground rules are completely different. But this I will say, that wherever a politician has followed his or her heart and conscience, that politician will find happiness as a result. And this has occurred many times.

I do understand how charged the political atmosphere is in our country, and my hope is that this message will help our country to find higher ground.


William Howard Taft (September 15, 1857 – March 8, 1930) was an American politician, the twenty-seventh President of the United States, the tenth Chief Justice of the United States, a leader of the progressive conservative wing of the Republican Party in the early 20th century, a pioneer in international arbitration and staunch advocate of world peace verging on pacifism, and scion of a leading political family, the Tafts, of Ohio.

Taft served as the Solicitor General of the United States, a federal judge, Governor-General of the Philippines, and Secretary of War before being nominated for President in the 1908 Republican National Convention with the backing of his predecessor and close friend Theodore Roosevelt. (Source: Wikipedia)