Messages 2005

Does Mother Earth react to human negativity?

November 11, 2005

Santa Cruz, California

Received by K.S.


I prayed and prepared myself to receive a message, if I was in condition to do so. I had ‘someone’ help me move my m’s exaggeratedly up and down, which lets me know a spirit is present and is willing to write, if I am. I wrote: “I just thought of a question, perhaps it was ‘given’ to me. Is there truth in believing that Mother Earth responds violently to humankind’s negativity?”


Celestial message: You know the saying that “everything gets worse before it gets better,” but you know that can’t be true because that would imply that everything is always getting worse. Oftentimes it is the necessary changes in life’s conditions which are interpreted as being worse because people resist change, but in order for things to improve, changes need to occur.

Yes, Earth Mother does react to the negativity of humankind; and, yes, people do attract their own compensation for their unloving ways. It will always seem as if the punishment does not accurately fit the crime because the innocent suffer along with the corrupt. But, as you know, when souls enter the spirit realms, they go to a place which is exactly suitable to the condition of their soul. Spirits whose love nature is developed go to a light-filled location, where they feel comfortable in the company of others of like mind and heart. Spirits whose souls are covered with evil thoughts and recollections, of course, go into darkness. They are more comfortable there than they would be in the Light. God is infinitely merciful, even in this seeming “punishment” (which is only what souls have attracted according to their own choices of action and will).

But for those left behind on earth, obvious changes will need to be made. How these come to pass is up to the individuals involved. Some will be motivated to take action in certain directions to bring about changes for the betterment of all. Some will be confused and lost. Others will do whatever it takes to make the transition as easy and painless as possible. There is no ‘one’ right way. It is an individual matter, and one which could open people’s hearts to work together in love, or bring about more bitterness and disarray.

Prayer helps each step of the way. Angels and loving spirits abound, and in turn influence mortals to try to help. But when the inharmony has reached such gigantic proportions, it will take a major overhaul for the situation to come into alignment with harmony, goodness and love.

When people have unrealistic expectations about what others can do, or what help they deserve, they may be disappointed because it may be beyond the ability of even well meaning people to provide the assistance needed. There is no quick fix, any more than there is a magic solution. It will be worked out slowly, but surely.

The spiritual laws will always apply – one gets back what they put out. When people are motivated to help in ways that they can, they will receive blessings for their efforts. When people become angry and frustrated, they become less effective, and cause themselves unhappiness as well. Continue your prayers for the ‘survivors’ and for the ones who have passed over. God hears all prayers and they bring about positive results for those being prayed for, and for the petitioners as well.

There is a limit to what a person can do to help bring about positive changes in the earth life. People’s attitudes are not easily changed by well meaning prayers for harmony and peace to become established. There isn’t always the means by which to provide all the material assistance required when catastrophe happens, which may seem to justify such attitudes as, ‘why haven’t we been provided for?’ or ‘why have we been left here to die?’ This can lead to a lack of communication, which prevents people from working together in love.

Resolving these kinds of problems may become an important bridge to build, and if a bridge to understanding comes to pass, tragedy then serves a positive purpose. Many inroads still need to be made in seeking to cooperate with one another, hanging on less tenaciously to one’s own point of view and interests, and being willing to bend and change.

Humility is the touchstone for an entrance into God’s Kingdom of Love. God’s lace Kingdom of Love can become established on earth when you become aware of the importance of loving one another and loving yourselves. But first you need to learn the definition of Love and self love – it doesn’t mean, “I’m right and you’re wrong.” There is no evidence of humility in that statement or attitude.

The only way to go from the bottom is up. Each individual soul will choose which pathway to follow: to take responsibility for him or herself, or to blame; to do one’s best to make positive and loving changes, or to wallow in self-pity and negativity. Answers on the material level seem to be out of balance and unfair, so keep praying, and seek solutions on spiritual levels where greater harmony and balance will become more apparent.

You may not feel that I have satisfied your question about how to bring peace and harmony out of chaos, but it is something which isn’t within your ability to achieve for the masses. Each person needs to attain a harmonious place for him or herself. This can best be achieved with God’s help. Each person has the ability and potential to develop a Love Connection with their Loving Creator, it’s a free will choice of each individual.

The Law of Eventual Harmony will come to pass, it is a decree of the Creator Soul. No one’s opinion or decision to create their own “law” or interpretation of God’s Law, will change the fact of what is destined to be. Pray for God’s great Love to flow into your soul, have faith in the Power of this Grace. Do your best, give your love, live one day at a time, and know all will be well. Worry and anxiety will not help establish peace and harmony in the world.

Love and transformation of soul will help bring love, peace, joy, and harmony into your existence. It might be compared to looking through ‘rose-colored’ glasses, but as your soul becomes changed by God’s Love, your outlook will change and you will see goodness even in what appears to be harsh lessons, because the result will be getting rid of negative effects of previous inharmonies.

Thank you for allowing me to write through you this morning, and, yes, it was I who gave you the question about the violence of Earth Mother of late, and to let you know it has much to do with humankind’s negativity. I love you and all of God’s children. We have a huge army of Celestial angels who are busy on earth at this time to guide and protect our workers, and to help them represent the Truths of God’s Love in their daily living. Do not despair, have faith in your goodness and the Power of God’s Love in your souls and you will continue your spiritual growth and enlightenment.

I am your friend and brother in the Christ Spirit, Jesus of the Bible and Master of the Celestial Heavens, along with many of my compatriots.


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