Messages 2010

Jesus Was Born Without Sin or Error.

August 9th, 2010.

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Let me channel a message, as you seek clarity.

I said through Mr. Padgett, “I was conceived by God’s Spirit in the sense that I was born free from sin and error, while all other human beings were born in sin and error.” And in a recent channeling of yours, I said that the sin and error in a baby is potential.

Both statements are correct. Obviously, a baby is not able to manifest sin and error, but it has the combined influence of people around it and also its ancestors, all of whom have manifested sin and error, and some of these patterns rub off on that baby as it grows into first a child, and then an adolescent, and finally, an adult. So it is like a dark cloud that hovers around the baby, and to which it attaches as its consciousness progresses.

I had no such cloud, for God removed every negative influence. This was a special dispensation, for it was vital that I be enabled to grow so that I could manifest those soul states and perceptions that made me God’s true Messiah.

And along with this was the full psychological support of my beloved parents, who nurtured my childhood psyche in a way that enabled me to explore and thus become the Messiah.