Messages 2009

The System and People - 2.

May 12th, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I said in my channeling of May 1, 2009, “The System and People:”

“But if you study it more closely, you will realize that the natural and normal human tendency toward love and generosity is discouraged.”

You are aware that many very wealthy individuals have been very generous with their money, in keeping with the basic generosity of your people. So let me clarify.

You live in a country now of unprecedented disparities of wealth. I was referring more to how wealth is accumulated, than how it is shared once it has come to an individual. That’s a very important distinction, my point being that in an ideal country, everyone would have the chance of abundance, instead of the tiny few.

It’s in the generation of funds where the imbalance lies, in other words, for example, in the concentration of wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands, and the scramble for profit that disregards human life.

Certainly, once this wealth has come to certain individuals, they are at times moved to share, and they do.

It’s been a little difficult channeling on this subject, since I realize that these statements seem to contradict reality, and that’s why you have questioned them.

So yes, generosity continues among the very wealthy, but very, very few have the opportunity to become wealthy to that extent, and just about everybody else is struggling.

This is the reason why Andrew Carnegie said what he did, and that confused you too. But he spoke the truth in that channeling, and you must believe it too.

You are aware that I believe in, and teach, the greater importance of the spiritual needs. But in the present economic distress of your country, a few have far more than enough for a lifetime, while most are having trouble meeting basic needs.

My point is that God is very much concerned about an empty stomach, even though His greater interest is the soul.

And in keeping with the latter, God is deeply concerned about the soul-killing attitudes that have created this disparity, by individuals denying their heart in order to amass greater wealth.

But not every accumulation of wealth falls under this category. For example, if a book becomes a best-seller, or a movie star becomes successful, in most instances, there is no moral disparity.

I am referring to corporations and individuals with no regard for human life in their relentless quest for ever more profit. You yourself recognize that this behavior is pathological, and that’s exactly what I’m referring to. So we are in agreement.

But then, what about those who invest in these companies? Well yes, that is certainly another factor.

My answer is the same as when I discussed war: God looks at the heart in every instance and in every individual, and measures out a moral response that will eventually greet each individual, based on the choices that were made, and the quality of the heart.

So for those people within the system who sincerely desire to do the right thing, what will be necessary will be soul-searching and a great desire to honor the truth.

Once this attitude is in place, the Creator will work through His Angels to bring to that sincere individual the help he or she needs to be ethical, while still providing for oneself.

The desire to honor truth will attract the higher powers, which will then bring knowledge and guidance to those sincere souls.