Messages 2009

The System and People.

May 1st, 2009

Santa Cruz, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

I want to channel a message now, clarifying what has been said in past channelings, that the system is bad.

It is important to understand, as I said in a past channeling, that I have always had a positive view of human nature. From my perspective, no one is beyond redemption, no one is all bad.

You are aware that there are many, many acts of goodness and kindness that have been done, and many other acts of kindness and love would have been done if situations allowed it.

What you have not understood is that we have been criticizing the system as it is now structured, not individuals.

But then, you argue, the system consists precisely of individuals making choices! And that is, of course, a valid point that requires clarification.

Human beings, both now and in the past, act according to choices. And when times are difficult, as now, this often brings out either the best or the worst in people.

So now, you say that I have just proved your point, that the system cannot be all bad if certain people, operating within it, have made good, loving choices.

But you already understand that the basic structure of the motor that drives the system, is financial profit and not human need. And by this point, power has been consolidated into fewer and fewer entities, and therefore into fewer and fewer hands.

That is what we are pointing to. We certainly don’t deny that people, working within the system itself, are capable of brave, loving acts. But if you study it more closely, you will realize that the natural and normal human tendency toward love and generosity is discouraged.

You have felt that you are simply reflecting your own way of thinking in this channeling, but these are my thoughts. You doubt the reality of a “system,” since you feel all it is, is people making choices.

But here, you are wrong. It is not as simple as that.