Messages 2012

be a part of our journey.

September 21st, 2012

Received by Soulchild


It is Jesus.

You sensed me and I am pleased that you recognize/feel my presence through your sensations and have a greater awareness of my constant presence. Some times I have to let you feel me more for you to connect to me.

I want for you to be a part of our journey of helping mankind finding the way home to our Father. As you are aware there are many, many changes happening, on this side more so than you are able to realize. Mighty forces of good and love are at work to help humanity and planet earth. Be a part of the inevitable change, be part of the light that is going to shine amongst the darkness of fear, hunger, destitution, depression and lonesomeness, forgottenness. You are one of many who will bring home love and kindness. Strive for this, see your future in that light, you are a light, we are helping you to shine your light. Embrace this gift and have an awareness within you of this gift as it will guide you to places and open up greater opportunities of sharing the evidences for God’s presence and Love in this world.

Yes, you thought of humility. This, as we mentioned before, is a cornerstone of true happiness and sharing of love and also receiving God’s Love. Always remain humble, as I did when I walked the earth (and am now).

We are all God’s children and deprived of love in many instances, longing for love, for the higher love, for our Father’s love. Feel the yearning in the souls around you and show them the way, the true way to find it.

It is a lengthy message but of importance and I am pleased with the reception of it. We will communicate more often now and you will feel my promptings. Yes, you will see me with your spirit eyes and your soul’s eyes when the time is right. Patience my dear. Give hope and love to your brothers and sisters who are on the path already. Connect with them regularly, they need you as you need them. We love you all so very much and be assured of our ever presence. We are with you constantly, engulfing you with our love, praying with you to receive more of Our Father’s Love. We love you with an intensity you cannot imagine. Give us your love and we’ll be closer and our love for each other will become an unbreakable force to bring change. We uphold you in your efforts and endeavours, seek with an open heart and don’t shy away from seeking help and guidance, that’s why we are here and serve you and many, many more.

We will talk about the Law of Help at another stage, when your perceptions are more open for that. It is with love I greet you my sister. Your helper in Love and the guiding light towards Home, Our Father, it is Jesus.