Contemporary Messages From Spirit

Contemporary Channelled Messages - Year 2012

These are the spirit communications we have received in the year 2012. We have adopted the approach of concealing the identity and sometimes the location of the medium. This is for their own protection from undue criticism.

Author Title Date of Message
Jesus A Call to Prepare. January 22nd, 2012
Jesus Approval to publish the Judas Messages January 22nd, 2012
Daniel Samuels A Clarification From the New Testament February 26th, 2012
Natalie Wood Experiences in Spirit of a Movie Star - 1 February 26th, 2012
Natalie Wood Experiences in Spirit of a Movie Star - 2 March 1st, 2012
Jesus A Special Dispensation March 2nd, 2012
Jesus Confirmation of Portraits March 2nd, 2012
Father discover your beauty March 3rd, 2012
Jesus Jesus on War March 6th, 2012
Father the law of love March 6th, 2012
Jesus Jesus on War - 2 March 7th, 2012
Billy Wilder Billy Wilder on Marilyn Monroe March 12th, 2012
Paul Warburg A Financier’s Suffering March 19th, 2012
Franklin D Roosevelt A President’s Sins March 19th, 2012
Father trusting the heart March 21st, 2012
Franklin D Roosevelt Inhabiting the White House March 25th, 2012
Jesus Help Is On the Way March 30th, 2012
Father feel your way to me April 1st, 2012
Antony Sutton God and the Economy April 6th, 2012
Mao Zedong A Chinese Leader’s Thoughts April 7th, 2012
Father The extraordinary lies in the ordinary April 11th, 2012
Father our relationship April 13th, 2012
Father getting into condition April 16th, 2012
Father penalty and consequence April 18th, 2012
Father and Jesus reading the bible April 19th, 2012
Father being yourself April 20th, 2012
Father the Ten Commandments April 21st, 2012
Father feelings come first April 22nd, 2012
Father this moment April 23rd, 2012
Father forgiveness is a fine art April 24th, 2012
Father the speed of your soul April 25th, 2012
Father what is sin? April 27th, 2012
Unknown tell me what can be April 27th, 2012
Father how do you correct a sin? April 28th, 2012
Father dreaming the impossible dream April 29th, 2012
Father willingness May 1st, 2012
Father letting go of your old beliefs May 2nd, 2012
Father come sit with me May 4th, 2012
Father feel your soul’s desires May 5th, 2012
Father give yourself your love May 7th, 2012
Father Can a soul die? May 8th, 2012
Jesus Truth is simple. Truth is free. May 9th, 2012
Jesus false and true teachers May 10th, 2012
Father we are connected through your soul May 10th, 2012
Father I never rejected you May 16th, 2012
John Bricker Hope From a Senator May 17th, 2012
Father I will never choose for you May 27th, 2012
Martin your prayers have been heard May 29th, 2012
Ann Rollins changes are upon you May 29th, 2012
Martin Luther continue to reach out May 29th, 2012
Jesus a glorious day of prayer May 29th, 2012
Cecil Rhodes Confirmation of an Empire Builder May 31st, 2012
Clarence Streit Idealism Shattered June 8th, 2012
Father revealing what is hidden June 9th, 2012
Walt Disney Inharmony Boomerangs June 10th, 2012
Father I have loved you always. June 12th, 2012
Father love yourself first June 13th, 2012
Juan Jose Arevalo A Victim of Empire June 16th, 2012
Father a new beginning is just ahead June 17th, 2012
Father There are great changes upon you June 19th, 2012
Walt Disney Walt Disney’s Moral Sense June 21st, 2012
Father Wipe away the tears. June 21st, 2012
William Donovan Comfort From an Insider July 14th, 2012
Mary I am the warmth in your heart July 18th, 2012
Father your resistance brings you pain July 20th, 2012
Franklin D Roosevelt Some More Thoughts From FDR July 24th, 2012
Thought Adjuster Meditate and Pray July 31st, 2012
Franklin D Roosevelt Confirmation by FDR August 7th, 2012
Mohammad Mossadegh Thoughts From an Iranian Leader August 9th, 2012
Father Take a deep breath of My Love. August 9th, 2012
Father the illusion that we are separate August 10th, 2012
Salvador Allende A Chilean Leader’s Appeal for Vindication August 14th, 2012
Father The purpose is for you to feel My Love August 22nd, 2012
Franklin D Roosevelt Clarification From FDR August 26th, 2012
Father Remember we are ONE. August 27th, 2012
Father You ask how to serve Me September 3rd, 2012
Father feeling My Love September 4th, 2012
Jesus Comfort From the Master September 4th, 2012
Jesus be a part of our journey. September 21st, 2012
Judas Guidance comes from God. September 22nd, 2012
Jesus Not All the Powers of Hell September 30th, 2012
Jesus Never neglect your relationship with Father. October 11th 2012
Father Accept love to grow your love November 11th, 2012
Father Let my love flood over you November 13th, 2012
Father I speak to those who hear. November 24th, 2012
Father The World of Illusion. December 2nd, 2012
Father Reclaim your innocence December 11th, 2012

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