Messages 2012

a glorious day of prayer

May 29th, 2012


Received by Joseph


I am here, Jesus -

Today has been a glorious day of prayer for people all over the world. More people than you realize have joined in this prayer effort. Your prayers as well as the prayers of all the other participants joining with Brenda Foster have had and will continue to have far-reaching affect.

All of you will see the evidence of this in coming days. A new day is dawning for mankind on earth. Awareness of the existence of the Divine Love is reaching new levels that will astound you.

People who have never heard of the Divine Love are already asking questions concerning this Love. People that you least expected to do so will be investigating this Love and asking about it. Prepare yourself for this; prepare to answer these honest inquires.

Investigations of the truths of our Father’s Love will emerge from all kinds of places, from schools of higher learning, from colleges, universities and theological schools, and always from so-called common people. This is the time we in the Celestial heavens have yearned to see. Many people from all walks of life are waking and becoming hungry to hear the truths concerning human existence.

The new day has arrived; it is here. Allow your hearts to rejoice; all the Celestial heaven is rejoicing; rejoice with us.

It will not be easy, though it will be easier with more abundant Divine Love in your soul. There is much work for all to be done. All are important. Each person has his or her appointed task. Those among you who already possess knowledge of the existence of the Divine Love are now being called to new levels of commitment to receive the Divine Love in greater degrees. You will require more of this Love in order to accomplish the work in the brighter days that lay ahead for each and everyone.

Joseph, to you I say: Do not think of death or dying. It is not time for you to depart. Do not cease trying to obtain more of the Divine Love. It is abundant, as you have learned once again today. There is in fact no limit to the amount that you or the many followers of the way of Divine Love, or any spirit may receive.

Receiving more Divine Love will prepare everyone for the work that is now unfolding before your eyes. You, as well as countless others, are being told these things that you may prepare yourselves for the ongoing work ahead. Above all things set your face resolutely to receive more of the Father’s Great Love.

I leave you and all my friends with my love and blessing -

Jesus with all the company of the Celestial heaven.


Note by Webmaster: This is the last of four messages that were all received consecutively. This particular day was the occasion of a global joint meditation, and the receiver had been meditating for six hours, prior to receiving four messages.