Messages 2012

feel your soul’s desires

May 5th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


Dear child

Your feelings speak your soul’s desire. When you pay attention to your feelings you listen to your soul. Your feelings are your soul’s senses. Be sensitive and be in touch with your soul. You cannot know your soul if you cannot feel.

Your feelings are the amplifier of your soul’s desire, expressed through your body as emotions. Your body makes it possible to feel your soul’s desire. Your body is a wonderful receiver of your soul’s desires. Your soul itself does not have feelings as I do not have feelings. Our souls are in constant exchange through your feelings.

When you neglect your feelings we lose contact. Honor your feelings. All of them are true and valid. They are the language of our soul. Begin honoring your soul today by honoring your feelings. Pay attention to your body’s reactions, as your soul expresses itself through your emotions. Welcome all your feelings as your soul’s transmitter of Truth.

You have feelings for a reason. Nothing is created without a purpose. The purpose of your feelings is for you to know your soul’s desire, which is also my desire. Take your feelings to the point where there will be only Love. Remember we are One. Your soul is my soul. Mine is yours. In this way we are connected. I feel through you.

You are confused about this message and wonder if you got it all right. It is good enough. I love you.

Your heavenly Father who feels you.


Comment. The difference between feelings and emotions is not that easy to define. Feelings are thought to be experienced for short periods of time. If you touch a hot surface your hand may be burned. Within minutes you will no longer feel that heat, although you may now feel pain, which is yet another physical sensation. If someone surprises you, you will feel startled, but that will soon pass. Also feelings of excitement will subside after the event is over. Emotions are often said to be long-term states. If you are in love, that emotion could last years. Sorrow too, could take a long time to subside. Because emotions are internal you have to change your mind-set to change your emotion and this process will take time. But some states such as anger might not last long, yet are still emotional states. However some definitions suggest that feelings are externally triggered and emotions internally triggered. This message does not indicate such a difference.

Its possible that there may be different components to an emotion. For example if you have an emotion of strong dislike (not perhaps quite hate) for someone, this may have various components to it, of perhaps distrust, which may be based on your past experiences either of that person, or simply of life in general. Or it may be based on a competitive nature that you may have. It is always worth investigating the extent to which our past experiences may be playing a part in any emotional response that we can discern. Perhaps we could say that an emotion could be comprised of a number of feelings? I am not sure I have seen such a definition, but there is some sense to the idea.