Messages 2012

Never neglect your relationship with Father.

October 11th, 2012

Received by SoulChild


I am here, it is me Jesus. I wish to write as I see your need to hear from us and assure you of our presence as you are not sure about your connection to us or Our Father.

Be bold my sister, step forth- love, and love abundantly. I am glad you read about the Law of Love. Read it again and acquire its knowledge deep into your soul as this is the guiding light for all we are, for all you are and where it leads you to, where it shows you to go and what to do. It is a guiding Law and of such great importance and yet so little understood. Learn about it and make all efforts to recognize the truth in it and be guided by it how you wish to lead your life. Feel the power of it, it is such a beautiful Law by Our Father and abiding by it leads us home.

So you know what to do next. Pray to Father for help and guidance, for fulfilling your soul desires and living a life fulfilled. Speak to Father at anytime, never neglect your relationship or leave it for another day. The day and time is Now. Ask now, and you will be given and provided for now.

Go out my dear sister and seek that which you desire and it is yours and it is you. Ask for it and you know the Love of Our Father and the power of prayer. We surround you with our love and are with you when you pray. It is your brother Jesus, the true way shower to Our Fathers Love.