New birth

Messages 2012

getting into condition

April 16th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


Dear child, I love you. I say this often because you need to hear it every day and many times during the day. You have never before experienced the love of a father and now you are experiencing both mine and the love of a father on earth. That is beautiful and will do you much good.

You haven’t been able to trust, but now you do. That is wonderful and I want you to keep the flame inside you burning. Sit everyday for our conversations. It is correct that our conversations will improve over time if you dedicate some time every day. The inflowing of my love which comes with prayer will open your heart more and more and your daily life will be more and more in line with my Divine Laws. Your soul becomes purified and it will be more and more difficult for you to distinguish your own thought from my impressions. But don’t worry, your soul will never end up being anonymous!

You are resisting because I tried to talk about something you do not yet understand. Your mind interrupted. That is all right. We will leave that to later. Everything will come in due time. This is also why you must sit every day since this will prepare you for more of my truths. Since you are receiving these messages through your mind you must be in the right condition. And the right condition is a pure soul and you must make an effort to become that in order to receive my messages correctly.

You ask about your daughter and the possibility of receiving a prayer for her since you find “The Prayer for Divine Love” difficult for a child. I will deliver one soon.

You are pondering a lot about human love these days since you are longing so much. You feel now that the love between you and me comes first, but you need human love as well. And you have been suffering for a long time, I recognize that and I want you to experience human love as well.

The greatness in my messages is only as great as the state of your soul. If you want to hear the deepest truths you must purify your soul by praying, sitting in silence and live as much in truth as possible. That is actually what you are doing by always trying to love more. The human love that comes from deep inside, where you feel nourished by giving your love to others - that is the purest form of human love.

You act responsibly by always looking at yourself in every given situation and take responsibility for your part in the outcome. That is how it should be. Blaming others is not loving, blaming yourself is not either. Being responsible is loving. Each and everyone is responsible for themselves and if everyone felt and lived that responsibility your world would be a better place. You always have a choice and there is always a best choice. Always ask yourself: “Am I loving enough?” and “How can I become a more loving person?”

If you cannot love, if your capacity to love is damaged, you must do something about it. That is your responsibility. Don’t blame others. It is your life and your responsibility. You can always ask for my help in these matters. I gave you this life, it is sacred, don’t waste it.

Your heavenly Father, who loves you