Messages 2012

Reclaim your innocence.

December 11th, 2012

Child of God


Grief moves in waves. You are constantly presented with opportunities to heal your wounds. When there are wounds from your past you haven’t recognized and felt, you will constantly be presented with opportunities and experiences that touch those wounds. Every time you have a choice. You can close your heart and move on. Or you can open up that wound, let it bleed, let your tears flow and you will experience healing. This is how you grow. This is how more love comes into your soul. Know that I am with you. Ask for my love. I will hold your heart.

You cannot grow without pain and loss. You must trust during these terrifying times, when you feel only pain and grief. Have faith that the grief opens up your heart for my love.

Your growing awareness helps you to give meaning to your difficult life experiences. You were born as a pure soul, yet already infected by human’s fears and faults. You must reclaim your innocence. Your innocence was never lost.

Your loving Father