New birth

Messages 2012

reading the bible

April 19th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


This is me, Jesus. I come to acknowledge your effort in making contact with our Father. What you hear is the Truth and the Voice of our Creator. Trust that and keep on.

That’s all

In love, Jesus - a child of God as are you.


Dear Beloved child,

You just received confirmation from another dear child of mine.

You are a little tired today and that may influence our conversation. We will see how it works out.

Yesterday you were having some thoughts about religious books, the Bible for instance. You have never read the bible and it never interested you. In many ways that is a benefit for our relationship since you do not have any erroneous beliefs that contradict my truths. The only thing you have been wrong about is my existence (smile).

I feel you no longer doubt I exist which is good for both of us (smile). It is also something that will be beneficial to many other people who do not believe and do not feel my existence. You do not need to read the Bible or any other religious book to reach me. Actually it might be harder if you trust every word in the Bible. There are many truths there but also many distortions due to human interference. There is always the possibility of that when humans are involved. And humans are always involved one way or the other. You must listen with your heart and pray. When your soul gets more and more purified you will be able to distinguish errors from truth.

I have watched over you all your life. It has been a life with many challenges but know that I have been with you always. In your darkest moments I was there with a whispering voice. I always tried to reach you. I have been waiting for you patiently. You have felt very alone and yet you never were. You just weren’t able to hear me. The noise that distracted you was your feeling of unworthiness. You always tried so hard and yet you never felt good enough. You never felt my love for you; you didn’t know I was there for you. I am very happy that has changed.

Come back later. We have so much to talk about.

Your loving Father