Messages 2012

Experiences in Spirit of a Movie Star - 2

March 1st, 2012

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Natasha [Natalie Wood].

Yes, I am here to deliver my promised message, and I know you will receive it just the way I want.

As you now know, I did not know who I was. This was never held against me over here. To the contrary, I have been given every opportunity to satisfy the hunger I had to know myself. With self-knowledge has come a sharper and more complete perception of my earth life, and just as you have surmised, along with many things I did with heartfelt love, I have also had the unhappy experience of realizing that certain things I did were wrong and out of harmony.

As I look back on my mortal life from this vantage point where I now am, I cannot understand what drove me to be a star. I mean, I know very well how it happened, through my mother’s influence. But when I came of age, it was I myself who desired and pursued it, independent of my mother. So consequently, I was held responsible.

What I wish to say to the world, and specifically to the Hollywood community, is that the single-minded pursuit of fame will get your soul absolutely nowhere. In fact, it can damage it, and if you pursue this course, it will eventually catch up with you, as it did me.

I can read your thought. You tend to be sympathetic to movie stars because that is their career, their life, and they are artists pursuing their dream. But I tell you, dear Arthur, that the true face of it is apparent only over here, where people like me have had to face the consequences of this behavior, which is out of harmony with God’s laws. Let me explain.

You need money to survive, so you do things to bring money to you. Fine. But what if the pursuit of money is pursued only for its own sake, divorced from the original authentic need? You see my point? You didn’t expect me to discuss this, as you perceived that I had authentic virtue, and I did. But everything must be accounted for, and in my wild pursuit of fame, I ignored other things that I now see were infinitely more important. I could not put together and place these two opposing tendencies, one towards soul-killing fame, and the other toward the love and concern I genuinely had for others.

What you see on the screen in my best films is a part of who I was, and that’s why those roles are so appealing. This has been confirmed to me over here. That was legitimate artistic expression, and I can see now that in one sense, the acclaim I received was well deserved. But I took it further, and thus fell to temptation. And it’s so easy to do in that environment!

My goodness remains, in the hearts of those I knew and touched. And I want to say to those people whom I had the privilege of interacting with, and particularly to my immediate family, that I have found out who I am, and I have found authentic happiness and, yes, peace and joy, in God’s Love. Yes, I am on the Divine pathway. So this will gladden their hearts that I have found peace.

I wish to conclude here by saying to people, if you really want something, you can have it. And if you really want to know yourself, ask, and you shall receive.

I am happy and grateful that you took my message just the way I wanted, and I wish you a pleasant evening. Please know that your dreams will come true as well because they correspond with the Creator’s will.