New birth

Messages 2012

You ask how to serve Me

September 3rd, 2012

Received by: Child of God


My dear child,

You ask how to serve Me. For those of you who know and feel My Love, I want you to radiate that love out into the world. Be that Love. Each and every one of you have special gifts, be that gift. Express that gift fully. Listen within and you will hear what I ask of you. You are most needed.

My Love has lived in silence for many years. There have been many untruths about My Love. For those of you who feel that love, it is about time to speak up and step out and touch people with My Love. You need not worry about your special task or how to do it. I will show you. Even if you do not yet understand completely it will unfold. Listen silently. Feel your heart. When you listen silently to your heart, you will know. Show your deep desire to be My Love and everything will unfold.

I need you. I need you to step out. You are The Ones. I cannot do it for you. Use your special gifts to change the world. Feel My Love in your heart and let that Love touch the world. You can do it. I am with you as always. You need not be fully aware of your destination to take that first step. Let it unfold. Trust and have faith.

Your Father who loves you dearly.