Messages 2012

A Clarification From the New Testament regarding the phrase: The Kingdom of God is within you.

February 26th, 2012

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Daniel Samuels.1

We are all so happy that you were so relieved to see the truth. You read this from New Testament Revelation 25 2, “Jesus Explains What the ‘Kingdom of God Within You’ Means:”

“I wish to write you about the phrase, ‘The Kingdom of God is within you,’ as it appears in Luke, Chapter 17, verses 20-21, and which has led to an entirely false understanding of what I meant to convey. The fact is that certain spokesmen for the Pharisees asked me when the Kingdom of God would come, and my answer was that, in my person, it had already come; for wherever I went, I brought with me the Kingdom. That is the meaning of the verses:

“And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the Kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, “The Kingdom of God cometh not with observation,” (meaning as a visible manifestation for beholding the Kingdom through the eyes of a mortal man), “for ‘behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.’”

The Greek word ‘entos,’ however, does not mean ‘within you,’ but in the midst of. The incorrect translation arose from the fact that the translator sought to write not what the Greek word actually meant, but what seemed to make sense to him in the light of his own imperfect understanding of what those verses meant to him. For he thought that mere faith in Jesus, and fidelity to the rite of communion, made Jesus, and therefore God, one with him.”

Then you discovered that “entos” did mean “within or inside,” but that another meaning is “in the midst of.”

So all the sentence means is that “entos” meant “in the midst of” in that particular sentence, and not that “entos” did not mean “within, or inside” in other contexts.


1 Daniel G Samuels was a prolific medium in the 1950’s and 1960s, and the original medium through whom the linked message was received.

2 Unfortunately two different numbering systems have been employed with this material. The original numbering system used by the medium, has this as Revelation number 7, but in a publication called “New Testament Revelations of Jesus of Nazareth”, the publishers saw fit to use a different sequence, and there it is 25.