Messages 2012

we are connected through your soul

May 10th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


My loving child,

Today you are again wondering if these messages are indeed from Me, your Father. You try to understand how they come about, and you are sometimes afraid you confuse my words with your own.

I will try to explain it to you. We are connected through your soul. I am pure soul and you were created like a spark from my soul. You are a part of me. I experience you through your soul. You are form which I am not. When you are deeply connected with Me we speak through our souls, through that eternal part and thus we are not separated, your thoughts are mine as mine are yours. So you see, there is no real difference. We are in constant flow through your soul, filtered through your mind. Your mind is the difficult part, and where the confusion sets in. This is where our conversation might be broken or disturbed. More and more your mind will be in service to your soul, which diminishes errors due to your mind’s incapacity in grasping Truth. Your mind cannot understand Truth; you were not created that way. As I told you before, your mind is wonderful, you could not live without it, but your mind must serve your heart and soul, not the other way round as many of you tend to believe.

Your mind has an ego part, which is afraid to give up power. Your ego thinks it will die, which in the ego’s mind will cause you to die. You must be kind to your ego. Your ego is a part of you that deserves your love no matter what. When your ego feels loved, it will feel confident and finally surrender to your soul and heart. Your ego will relax and accept its true role, as servant of your soul. And you will live happy ever after. You see, love is always the answer (smile).

When your ego rules your world, your soul suffers. You feel angry and frustrated. Those feelings are signals from your soul that you are living out of Truth. What can you do about it? Again, recognize the feelings, acknowledge them as just as valid as any other feelings, and take responsibility. Be grateful you had an opportunity to see things more clearly and act accordingly. Change yourself. Don’t go on living as you did when you know you live outside Truth. Be responsible for your new knowing and change yourself. Change your way of living. Your feelings are the mediator of your soul’s true desires. Your soul knows the Truth.

Your loving Father