Messages 2012

give yourself your love

May 7th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


My child,

You were a little confused about how feelings are connected to your soul and my soul. We will talk about this subject on another occasion. Today we will talk about your ability to receive my love. We spoke about that earlier, and we will do that again today.

If you can ask you can receive. So it is in your world and so it is with my love. If you ask for My Love, yet do not feel worthy then you will not be able to receive. When your heart and soul is suffering from unloving experiences leaving you feeling unworthy, maybe even feeling you deserved all the hardship and punishment, it is difficult to feel and receive my love.

You have built a society on false beliefs. You have built a society based in fear, not in love as you should have. You act in fear, in fear of not being loved as you are. Remember you are perfect and I love you. You deserve my love no matter what. You must find inside your soul that place where you feel love. It might be difficult, you might even think there is no such place, but there is. Find this place and expand it. Your love is your feeling of worthiness. Give love to yourself. Sit in the sun, look at a flower, and smile to a friend. Nurture yourself. Do something for yourself out of your love for yourself. If you cannot do that, because you do not love yourself, sit with this feeling, caress yourself. This will assist your heart and soul in waking up to my love. I love you and I want you to love you too.

You cannot receive if what others want to give to you falls into a heart filled with unworthiness. Every time someone offers you something which you cannot receive from a pure heart that is a sign of lack of love for yourself. You feel unworthy; use this feeling responsibly to do something out of love for yourself.

It is true that it is in giving we receive. Many of you think that this is about giving to others, which is also true. But you must give to yourself first to grow your feeling of worthiness, to feel the beauty of who you are. To know you deserve your own love as well as mine.

Give yourself your love and receive mine

Your Father


Comment. I initially focussed on something that I loved greatly, and mentally “switched” to thinking of Father and trying to express that same love for Him. It is always hard to love that which seems distant and vague, but that idea recedes the longer you walk this path.