Messages 2012

feelings come first

April 22nd, 2012

Received by: Child of God


It has now become a necessity for you to sit quietly in the morning, contemplating and writing. That is good. You are in a much better condition today than yesterday. You got worried and began to put pressure on yourself with respect to receiving my messages correctly and especially when it comes to subjects you do not have any insight into. You are not ready for those messages. Today we can again have our conversations about subjects that you feel comfortable with. Today your condition is calm and sensitive and that is the right condition.

Today many possible subjects went through your mind, very good subjects indeed, and you became very eager to talk on those subjects. Yesterday you were worried whether there would always be something for us to talk about. Know that there is always more to be said. It will develop with your condition and my love in your soul. If you just have patience and don’t stress yourself everything will come in due time.

Our conversations are between you and Me. You must not be scared of repetition and whether our conversations will benefit others. Such considerations will destroy our relationship. Surely our conversations will benefit others but that is not something you should think about. It has become such a natural thing for you to have these conversations and we can have them at any time. That is really what I want, to communicate at any time - whether you need comforting or whether you feel happy. I cannot live your life and I cannot prevent you from ruining it. It fills my heart with sadness when that happens and I and my angels are constantly trying to prevent that, but ultimately it is your choice. You always have a choice. Use it wisely.

Many of you have forgotten the law of your free will and are totally absorbed in your daily life circumstances, seeing no way out of your misery. Some have become deaf and blind chasing things that will never bring you happiness and freedom. You must listen to your heart. You must recognize your feelings. Your feelings are your trusted pilot. Feelings should always come first.

Many of you get sick because you don’t trust your feelings and tell yourself your feelings are not valid because you consider them inconvenient. You must change your way of living and live according to your feelings, not according to society’s expectations. You forget that you ARE indeed society. You have built this society upon false beliefs. There is still time to change that.

Loving you in My heart