New birth

Messages 2012

I speak to those who hear.

November 24th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


I speak to those who hear.

You are my children. I love each and every one of you. My love and wisdom are for all. I am the soft voice inside you whispering loving words in your ear. Listen and hear. Feel my presence in every breath you take. Let me encourage you. If you only let me. I am not as distant as you may think. I am right here. Open your heart and soul and let us be one.

You are all worthy of my love. No one is ever left out. Patiently I will wait for each and every one to partake in my kingdom of love. Follow the flame that burns inside you, nurture it, and shelter it. Keep it burning even in the storms at night. That flame will never burn out. I will keep it burning until that beautiful day when you are that flame of love and shine on your own.

I know it is difficult to be that burning flame of desire - that burning flame of trust. I need you and I need you to be the hope of change. I will keep on guiding you and loving you. I cannot do this alone, I cannot change the world without you. I need you to be the bridge between heaven and earth. I need you to manifest my love. My love is constantly pouring from me but you must take what is given to you. Those of you who know of my love must be that love and spread it amongst the ones who live in darkness. They are many. They must wake up from their darkness. They must wake up from their illusion.

Now is the perfect time. I am working together with you to illuminate the world. You have a responsibility. You have a mission. Don’t fear. Know that you are never asked for anything outside of your capacity. Remember that I know you better than anyone. When you fear it is because you lose confidence and faith. That happens easily in your world. You must join together, pray together, and feel your own strength in each other’s strengths. Your intention makes the difference.

Sometimes you feel far from the beautiful creature you are. You cry out of disbelief that I love you. But I do. I feel your desire and I encourage you to follow your path. Keep your heart warm and open, kiss your soul. Walk with firm and solid steps. Look at the bright future ahead of you. There is light. There is love. Be my love on earth. I need you. I cannot do this without you. My desire is for everyone to join. Someone must step forward. Someone must show the courage to walk on the untrodden path. Go with an illuminated heart and light up the darkness. Hold your heart up high. So many fear and they need someone to take the first steps. You are that someone. You have answered my call and I am with you each step of your path, always supporting you in carrying out My Plan.

Love yourself like I love you

Your Father