Messages 2012

penalty and consequence

April 18th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


Dear child, there are two topics that have been on your mind. The one is about the difference between penalty and consequence and the other is about whether “feeling your feelings” is important to reach God. Both are important topics.

Let’s start with penalty and consequence. There is no penalty in the belief in a punishing God. I would never punish my children. I love my children, why would I ever punish them? But there are consequences if you break the Law of Love. There are consequences for you and the whole being. The consequences will be a damaged soul or a damaged body or both. It depends on the act. Let’s take sexuality which is also something that has been on your mind these last days.

Making love is a sacred act between two people. It is the ultimate intimacy and the closest you can get to another human. Making love can take you to the highest high. Having sex without feeling love will damage both your soul and your body. Having sex only for the physical pleasure is a sin. Your soul suffers and it is an assault upon it.

You are questioning the word sin, because it immediately takes you into thoughts about penalty. I will talk later on this subject since it is a highly misused and misunderstood word.

Your body is whole and beautiful and perfectly made. Your whole being is perfect and suited for a life on earth to live in joy and pleasure. Making love is just a part of a whole life and given to you to feel the beauty of life. Of course it is also the way to have children and experience the beauty of that and it is perfectly made in that way.

When you are having sex without feeling love your soul dies a little. If the soul could make a choice it would prefer to live without sex instead of having sex with no love.

The act of making love is an image of the whole universe. It is a small “Big Bang” and reflects my creation of the whole. When you are making love with your soul mate1 you have the possibility to feel for yourself the act of creation.

You can have sex without love, there is no law against that but it will only be a physical experience and your soul will be damaged. A damaged soul will lead to a damaged body, which means disease.

There is a lot more to say on this topic. You are getting distracted because our conversation takes you into your own story and it disturbs our contact and makes it difficult for me to deliver my words.

You have your own story and the way you have lived your life has its consequences. You are experiencing that now. It is about responsibility. You are responsible for all the choices you have made, even though most of them were made unconsciously. Even unconscious choices have consequences, there is no distinction between choices made consciously or unconscious with respect to the damage it will do to your body and soul.

Loving you in my heart,



1 The medium has confirmed that the usage of the word “soul mate” here was not intended to be interpreted literally as the Padgett Messages do. It is more accurately meant here as “a partner whom you love deeply”.