Messages 2012

trusting the heart

March 21st, 2012

Received by Child of God


I want to speak to you and I want you to write down what you receive.

You are in doubt as to whether this contact is real and you just read how the author of the Judas messages was in the same condition. It is always helpful to find others in the same position.

You want to draw me closer and that is my longing too. What you are doing now is perfect for that. You sit and write and enter this state of your heart and it makes communication much easier. It is as if your mind is not that involved and that makes it easier for Me to speak to you and receive you.

You got distracted because you wondered whether these communications are for other persons than you. Indeed they are but for now it is between you and I. It is very important that this relationship is personal because that is what I want. A deep and intimate relationship with each of my children. If others will benefit from a personal communication between me and one of my children, that is also absolutely fine, but not necessary. You and everyone may enter this space in a personal communication with me, that is my wish.

I answered your longing and you wonder why you are not feeling anything special or feeling any different today than the days before you started receiving these communications. Why should you? This is a very natural thing and really nothing special. You and me talking, Father and child, it is happening every day. It is most special for you since you are still convinced you don’t believe I exist even though you are sitting here communicating with me. You really do have a stubborn mind (smile). But now you also know that the authentic part of you which is who you truly are, rises from within your heart and not from your mind. I am happy that you decided to trust your heart and at the same time honor your mind which is truly an important part, but not the part that you must use to communicate with Me.

I love you

Your Father in the Heavens.