Messages 2012

the law of love

March 6th, 2012

Received by Child of God


It would be wise to sit for an hour every day to give time for God. Time to nurture the burning flame inside your chest, to expand it to fill your soul. You are getting too busy with things that do not matter and it takes you away from me.

Mornings will be good since you always wake up early. I know your desire to know me and you are doing well. It takes time and you get distracted. Otherwise you would be overwhelmed. You have strong senses and need rest and quiet time. Take care.

There are always choices. When you consider what you can do and feel helpless because the world and its humans are far from what you want, you always have a choice. Choose the most loving option. The kindest word, the kindest act. And when you cannot do that for some reason, ask yourself why and ask for my love. My love is the solution for you and I give it to you constantly.

Trust your feelings; they are your true guide to your soul. When you feel you are not good enough, ask for my love and I will fill your heart and soul. You are always good enough.

You called me and I hear you and I am here for you. You are my child. I know you find it difficult to trust because of your human experiences. But humans are not to be trusted. They are to be loved for what they are, children of God, just like you. You may perfect your ability to love simply by loving humans for what they are. But don’t expect anything from them because you may be disappointed. There is always one law - and that is to love. When you cannot love others it is because you do not love yourself. That is a mark of your love for yourself. I know you want to love others the way I love you and it might be a good goal, because it is always good to be more loving. But know that it is very difficult and it starts with loving yourself. You have the power of love inside you. Refine it, build on it, develop it. When you judge yourself for not being loving enough, know that this is a sign of lack of self love. Take time alone, pray for my love and little by little I will fill your soul with my love and your love for yourself will expand and thereby radiate to others.

You have always longed and this longing has brought you here. This is your destination but it is not an end. It never ends. From here you will become more and more love.

You never understood why you were longing and many times it made you feel ungrateful. That you were not content and satisfied with what you got. I say to you that you should follow this longing by following your heart’s desire. You began to trust your feelings and opened up your heart. I felt that and put a little of my love inside your soul and it made you long a little more. It made you love yourself a little more and is actually the same thing. When you love yourself a little more you make space for me to show you a little more of my love for you and we will come closer. And that is my longing - that we come closer to be one with each other.

Your question: “Why did you separate yourself from me?” This is not to be answered at this time. You are not able to understand yet. Maybe someday. But sit with this question, it is a good question and trying to find the answer will bring you closer to me. But try not to go into your mind. Think with your heart and feel my love.

You are tired, you do not sleep well these days. You should go out into nature and fill yourself with nature, open all your sense to the senses of nature - do that.

Love from you Father in the Heavens