Messages 2012

Inhabiting the White House

March 25th, 2012

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Franklin Roosevelt.

We see you are in conflict about my New Deal. What you are reading again in Antony Sutton’s “Wall Street and FDR” challenges your previous view of this subject. The book presents me as an elite schemer hypocritically saying one thing but doing the opposite.

Well, my friend, the truth was a little different, and more complex. I have spoken with Mr. Sutton, and he is in agreement with what I now say, and that is that whereas yes, there was in fact a concerted attempt by the financial elite to bring what he calls corporate socialism to America, and whereas I participated in this scheme (my suffering has proved this), nevertheless, there was something else in me that loved my country and its people.

You are wondering, how is this possible, when I and my family were just as guilty of financial shenanigans? The answer is that I was a human being with feelings, and I did have a heart for the suffering my people endured. That’s why I was sincere in my New Deal policies. I felt that unemployment insurance and Social Security were helping people in a real crisis situation. I felt something urgent had to be done. The fact that I did not originate the idea does not change the fact that I felt it was something that was helpful.

So what you do not get from Mr. Sutton’s book is that somehow, I was also sincere, even considering all the other things I did in conjunction with the financial elite.

Let me explain what it’s like to sit in the White House. You’ve got a country to run, and to do this in a crisis made it more charged with a sense of immediacy and urgency. It was not as stark as all that, that is, mouthing good things but scheming the opposite. You note that I turned down the initial plan because I felt it was too dictatorial. Well yes, I felt that I had to do my job in the right way.

A president is subject to innumerable pressures, and he doesn’t always see the full implications of what he does. He is told many things by advisers, government colleagues, and lobbyists, all of whom demand his attention. He doesn’t perceive always the agenda that you now believe to be true, that certain members of the elite do indeed wish to destroy and mangle the government for their own interests.

This applies to President Reagan, and it also applies to President Obama. You feel he seems unfeeling, inconsistent, and just as swayed by the elite as his predecessor was. I agree with you about the elite, for this spirit world shows it quite bluntly. But I did not see it as clearly when I was president. No, I did not. Why not? Because the elite are devious, and work in secret. You once channeled that President Obama has sincere feelings. How is this possible? It is possible because he is a human being, as I was.

So in conclusion, not only is it possible, but it is a fact, that a president can simultaneously play into nefarious plots of the moneyed elite, and at the same time be completely sincere in service to the country. You are very pleased with this channeling because it has given you more clarity and understanding. That, my friend, was my intention.