New birth

Messages 2012

revealing what is hidden

June 9th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


My dear loving child

I love you. I feel your grief. Know that I am with you, as always, and especially now in your suffering.

Life is a cycle. You are experiencing the end of a long cycle and are not yet feeling the magnificence of what will come. Your soul will shed some of its darkness and old wounds will be ripped open. Know that they will heal. But to heal you must feel them. They go a long way back, and your willingness and braveness has made it possible to reveal what was hidden. Know that I love you during these hard times.

When you act responsibly and take on what is yours, you will have an opportunity to move through. You always have your part. There is always a gift, a possibility for growth, but you must be honest with yourself and take what is yours. When you do that, you will grow. Your soul will feel the freedom that comes with this recognition. Your heart will jump in joy. You cannot feel that right now because of your grief. You are doing great. You take on what is yours. I love you. It takes a lot of courage and a strong heart to do what you do.

Know that this cycle will end soon. Today you are already feeling better. You are being kind to yourself. You nurture yourself. Because you love you. I love you too. Keep on doing what you do. Keep on praying for my love and for my love to transform your grief. I will transform your grief because of your willingness to honestly feel what is not love. To sincerely and deep from your heart asking for everything to be revealed, the many times you did not act in love. And there have been many. You never loved yourself enough. Because of that you have suffered a long time. You needed others to love you. You must let go of that now. You need your own love. You need my love. When you have that you can build a wonderful and true relationship with another human. A relationship built on a strong foundation.

You are almost there. I am with you. My love will illuminate your life and together we will make your life wonderful. Trust that.

Your Father