New birth

Messages 2012

Remember we are ONE.

August 27th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


This is a personal message for you.

I want you to spread the words. I want you to tell the world about the Love that I AM. I want you to tell the world about the love that YOU ARE. Remember we are ONE. The world needs you. You must not diminish yourself. Your ability to feel My Love and to bring that Love forth in other humans is of great importance. The warmth you feel in your chest in this very moment is a sign that what I tell you is true. The body sensations you have felt during these last days when this message has taken form, tells you that it is true.

Don’t be shy.

You feel no fear and your faith has grown strong within these last months. I know you will serve me well, my dear child. I love you and what we are about to bring into the world will come easy and with no effort. Trust Me and I will show you the way. Trust me and everything will come about in due time.

Love yourself completely. Love yourself like I love you. Look at yourself through my eyes. You are beautiful. You are the most wonderful of all my creations. You are The Ones that I adore. Loving yourself is your greatest gift to Me.

Let’s get started,

Your Father


Although this message is noted as personal, we have had the same message delivered to all of those at the 2012 Divine Love Retreat held in Vancouver in July. The message was that it’s time. Time to step forward and reach out to the world.