New birth

Messages 2012

I will never choose for you

May 27th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


Beloved child,

It has been a while and you wondered where I went (smile).

Sometimes silence is the answer. You are moving through some past emotions and wounds and during such time I am with you, as always. You feel me, but I do not speak. I am here showing you the opportunities for growth but I will not decide for you. You are free to choose but you must live with the consequences of your choice. I love you no matter what you choose. When you listen to your heart and stay true to your feelings you will know the answer.

You have taken steps towards healing past wounds and you have chosen wisely. During your time of doubt I did not speak. It is important for your growth to choose by yourself and not leave the answers to anyone outside of yourself, not even Me. It is always your choice and your responsibility. I will guide you in the most subtle and silent way, but I will never choose for you.

Many truths are being revealed now. You feel that. You wonder why it feels like there is nothing new. Truth has no age yet Truth has its time.

You all have a purpose. You are created for a meaning. Some of you are more brave and courageous and thus you are given greater tasks. But each and every one of you serves a purpose. It is up to you to use your free will and take on your task. I do not ask more of you but I ask you to do what you can. No more but certainly no less.

You are all carriers of past sins. You are a part of the whole. When you recognize your wounds and thereby your past sins and errors against love, you recognize the wounds and sins of humanity. When you heal your own wounds you heal the wounds of humanity.

It begins with you. You can change yourself. You can heal yourself. There is only one you. Only you can do your work. I am with you but I will not do your work. Sometimes I am silent but I am always with you. Keep up the good work. Remember I love you.

Your heavenly Father who smiles upon you in your weakness.