New birth

Messages 2012

the illusion that we are separate

August 10th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


Beautiful child.

Yes, we will speak about rejection. As you now have come to realize rejection is a major wound in all humans and a wound that no human can avoid? This is a very good subject and there is a lot to be said and to realize.

The wound of rejection goes back a long way to the beginning of time when you decided to proceed without my love. You rejected My love and now you live in the illusion that we are separate. Yet you cannot separate from Me. I created you from my very own soul and thus we are One. Your decision created a deep wound inside you, but it is a sacred wound. Touching this wound will bring you back to Me. But you must first realize that you were wrong. You must take responsibility. Remember that I love you and always will. I never rejected you. How could I? You are a part of Me. I do not judge you. I love you.

The feeling of rejection is a consequence of your not taking responsibility for your own act. You decided to live your life without My love. There is nothing wrong with that. I created you in love and I gave you free will. You may choose and decide as you find best. But your choices and decisions have consequences and you must live with them.

Until you recognize you were wrong, you will be forever lost in separation and the wound will never heal. You feel rejected because you cannot accept that you decided to separate. As soon as you recognize your responsibility you have taken the first step to heal your wound of rejection.

Rejection is a core wound and a wound of humanity. Yet it is very personal. It is not a wound I put upon you but a consequence of your false belief that you are alone. You are not. You are deeply loved and cared for. Every time you feel rejected it is yet another opportunity to again let My love flow into your soul. It is your choice as it is my will that you become at-one with Me. Every time you touch the wound of rejection, ask to feel the depths of it. Ask for my love and you shall receive it. Ask for the Truth and it shall be revealed. When you come to Me in earnest aspiration My love will never be withheld from you.

There are no secrets. There is only Truth. And the Truth is that we are one.

You are loved

You are my child

Your heavenly Father