Messages 2012

I have loved you always.

June 12th, 2012

Received by Child of God


I am here my child.

As you enjoyed our communication last night and was filled with the joy of my nearness, I wish to be next to you and talk some more.

I have loved you always, I was near you always, although you thought I abandoned you. You still at times feel abandoned, but you are not. I am always beside you, loving you my child. Trust this Love! Trust my longing for you to turn to me and ask me to love you.

You are my precious child, I want to love you. I have watched over you and always will. I have cared for you and always will. Never lose faith in me and my love for you. You are dear to me, precious child, you feel my love. Your longings for me are now more consistent and I always hear your prayers, even the smallest, softest whisper. I love all my children, each and everyone.

Never resist this love and pray and ask me for the (Divine) Love in any moment and if you are sincere and earnest, I will provide you with It. The love I give to my children lets them come closer to me and I yearn to have all my children close to me and at-one with me.

Yes, I am your Father, your loving Father. I sing you to sleep and may your dreams show you the glory of the Love I speak of. I am with you, always.

Your Father, who loves you.