Messages 2012

what is sin?

April 27th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


My dear child

You have used these last few days to consider “what is a sin?” and you got into problems because you complicated this issue far too much.

A sin is an unloving act. It is as simple as that. An unloving act is felt by you or another human, to whom you are acting unlovingly. When you are true to your feelings, you will always know an unloving act. It is felt deep inside your heart.

When you commit a sin you will experience all those unpleasant feelings you humans deem as unloving and inappropriate. Some of those feelings are hate, fear, anger, and many more. You know them all. You consider them as wrong and always try to avoid them and suppress them. Don’t do that. There are no wrong feelings. There are wrong acts, of course, but that is another story.

Your unpleasant feelings are just as valid and important as all those feelings which you consider appropriate. They are your trusted pilot as well. When you experience these feelings, acknowledge them and take responsibility. These are your feelings and they are there to tell you something really important. Never act out those feelings on others. Never. Use them as your guide to shed light on some dark places inside you, where you yourself have felt hurt and unloved.

When you have sinned - and you all have - you may ask for my love and forgiveness. But for me to give you that, you must feel deep in your heart, that you wronged someone. It is not about guilt, but about awareness and responsibility. As soon as you acknowledge from your heart, you have sinned, you have the capacity to ask for my forgiveness. And I will give it to you.

Your loving Father