Messages 2012

changes are upon you

May 29th, 2012


Received by: Joseph


I am here, Ann Rollins -

I have come to confirm the message of your friend and guide, Martin.

It is true that changes are upon you and your world; you and others around the world have already seen many changes, yet, you are still here, and you will continue to be here. Do not focus your attention on these or on other possibilities of change. Do not consider changing your location. You will be safe where you are.

We in the Celestial heavens love you and all God’s wonderful children. We continue to pray for you to grow in the Father’s Love. His Love has greater benefits than you presently see or experience. Do not faint or shut off your desires for more of His Love. Remain open, even as you now are.

Blessing to you and to all who are reading this,

Ann Rollins


Note by Webmaster: This message, and another two that will follow, were all received consecutively. This particular day was the occasion of a global joint meditation, and the receiver had been meditating for six hours, prior to receiving four messages.