New birth

Messages 2012

love yourself first

June 13th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


My loving child

We spoke about the human need for human love and you were a little bewildered.

The love between humans is precious and it may be pure. It is when you are with other humans you feel love, but also very importantly, you also feel everything that is not love. In your human relationships lie all the treasures to a perfect life in pure love. Love between humans makes for a journey of self discovery and growth.

When you need others to love you that is a sign of lack of love for yourself. The more you need others to love you the more you lack love for yourself. Use this knowledge to go deep within and ask why you cannot love yourself. When you are being honest and brave, your sincere asking will reveal the answers. The feeling of neediness is a perfect opportunity for you to be aware of these dark places in your heart and soul where love has not yet entered. You must acknowledge those dark places. I am here for you, as always.

When you grow in love for yourself your human relationships will become more and more beautiful. You will experience the freedom that comes with loving another human for what he or she truly is. The love will set you free.

You must love yourself first. Your love for yourself cannot be replaced. Learn to love yourself like I love you. Without limit. With no conditions. I love you.

Your Father, always