Messages 2012

forgiveness is a fine art

April 24th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


Dear child,

In the middle of the night you woke up yelling because of a dream. It was about your mother and you were puzzled because you felt so upset and angry, and felt betrayed by her. You haven’t had such feelings for a long time and felt you had left that behind a long time ago.

Forgiveness is a fine art. Forgiveness must rise from your heart. You can make a decision to forgive but it will not do you any good if you still feel hate in your heart. What you experienced tonight was a piece of unforgiveness that still rests in your heart. You love your mother very much, you always did and your longing to forgive her has taken you a long way. You just felt the emotions from your childhood when you felt that the angels had turned their back on you when you felt very much alone. I feel your tears.

You have a great soul and a great heart and I will fill your whole being with my love if you just let me. When you feel these emotions of anger, let me fill your soul with my love. Ask and you shall receive. Find that place inside where there is only despair and neglect and ask for my love to shine on all your hard feelings. I will never leave you alone.

Forgiveness is a fine art. I will help you but you must ask. Be true to yourself. Be honest with yourself. When you cannot love, know that it is because you have been hurt. Leave that to me. I will take care of you, but you must recognize your wound. I cannot help you if you will not let me. I cannot help you if you are not honest about your feelings. If you cannot love something, your soul is suffering. Bring it forward. I don’t want you to go through all your past pain but I want you to recognize your feelings as the most true part of you - that part of you by which you should live your life - your trusted pilot.

Your feelings should always be trusted. They will bring anything which is not love into daylight. Then you can ask for my love and forgiveness and I will give you that. In your dream you realized that a part of you still suffers. This gives you an opportunity to forgive even more. You have felt the freedom of forgiveness and you know that only forgiveness from your heart will set your soul free.

I love you, my child

Your Father