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Messages 2012

our relationship

April 13th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


Dear child,

I am happy you are here with me today again. I am happy you decided to spread my word through Geoff’s website. That is a good decision and it will do you good as well.

Not everything we talk about is of interest to others but that doesn’t matter. You need not worry about that. Just write it all down and you may afterwards remove what you find is personal between you and me.

You are wondering how our communication comes so easily and how you can connect at any time during the day and yet dismiss the contact just as easily. You also wonder if my words might be confused with your own thoughts since the voice sounds so much the same. My voice is a part of you and you will discover that more and more your thoughts are the same as mine. That is because you are getting closer to me and your soul is getting filled with my love and making you purer.

(a personal message about relationship)

Our relationship cannot be disturbed by human relationships. The door between our hearts is open and will never again close. Your tears touch me, I feel them in my soul. Don’t ever doubt my love.

Human love can be so wonderful and can help you grow in your love to me. That’s what human love is. For enjoying the company of others but also to learn to love more. What you see as challenges and hardships will develop your soul and bring you closer to me.

I am that voice. I am that eternal peace within you. I am your soul.

We are not quite finished but you need a little rest. Come back later, my child.