New birth

Messages 2012

a new beginning is just ahead

June 17th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


My dear child

I am glad you sat down to receive my comfort and support. Our relationship is genuine and true. You can trust me. You are experiencing much pain in these times. So many old wounds are ripped open. This is painful and all your bodies are responding to that.

You need not worry. All things are in the right place. All things are working together perfectly to give awareness to the dark places in your soul. At the same time many angels are with you to assist you in releasing your past. You need not ask others what is happening to you or whether it will end soon. Ask me, because I know and I will tell you.

You are moving into a new life. You cannot imagine how it would be. But first you must go through this phase which is painful. You are doing beautifully. You give room to your feelings to come to the surface and to release them. You pray for my help. And I will help you as always. A true longing and calling from any of my dear children will be heard and felt. You are very dear to me and I am happy that you are now moving in the right direction - the direction of your true purpose and destiny. There have been many obstacles in your way and there have been times when you were not sure you could make it. But I never put greater tasks upon you than you can handle. I want you to be the best that you can be. I sometimes press you to your limit and a little beyond to make you know your own great capacity. But I will never push you over the edge. Never.

Want you to be in service to love and thereby serve me. This has been a most challenging journey. You are at a crossroad. Your life will change. The rest of your life you will experience much joy and happiness, and much love.

Trust me in this even though you now feel devastated. A new beginning is just ahead of you.

In love

Your Father