Messages 2012

Truth is simple. Truth is free.

May 9th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


My dear sister,

I am your brother, I am Jesus. I have come to talk about myself, since you have asked some questions about me and my teachings.

I am a child of God, as are you. I am a child of God, as are all humans. I have been misunderstood, and one of the greatest misunderstandings is that of worshipping me. My intention has always been to serve our Father, as on earth years ago as now in the Heavens. I never wanted admiration. I never wanted any killings in my name. Never. I was a human like you, even though I was born without sin. I had feelings.

My teachings are what is important, not me as a person. I know in your world it is difficult to distinguish those things, which is also why so many of you get lost and give away your power to teachers and gurus. You often do that out of fear of being responsible for yourself and your own beliefs and actions. Teachers and teaching might be helpful but they can never replace your own personal relationship with our Father. Never settle for less. My teachings are of our Father’s Divine Love available for all.

Truth is simple. Truth is free.

Your brother in love,