Messages 2012

come sit with me

May 4th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


My dear child. Come sit with me. Let me hold you. You are tired and exhausted and yet you come to sit with me. I love you. You have had a lot on your mind these last days. Every day you are coming closer to me and you feel that. We are souls. You are a part of me. We are waves of love wandering together hand in hand, side by side.

We are souls and thus we can communicate. I do not have a voice, yet you hear me. I do not have ears, yet I listen to you. I do not have shoulders, yet you can lean against me. I do not have lungs, yet you feel my breath. I do not have hands, yet you feel my touch.

To know me completely you must surrender yourself into the infinity of my love. You must touch me, reach out your hands for me to hold you. I will not force myself upon you. You must ask. Let me love you. You are my dear child and I long for you. Let us just sit together and share our love. You need that. You are too tired to talk. Rest.

I love you

Your Father