Messages 2012

discover your beauty

March 3, 2012

Received by Child of God


I always come back to this desire to love all people without expectations, to serve humanity, to let them have peace and love themselves. But I do not love myself enough yet and therefore I am not yet able to take that out into the world. I must work on my own peace. I must develop my self-love to be able to love and serve others in the way I am longing for.

Dear God, Creator of my soul, help me find the pieces within me that is my part of your great soul. Help me develop those attributes you gave me, so I can serve the world in order to serve you. How small or great doesn’t matter. I just want meaning and purpose with my doubts and fears. A longing so strong I will no longer doubt. I know You know I struggle with my beliefs and my need of proof. I want this all with no doubts; I want this sign of conviction, the sign that convinces me of Your existence. Will I see it? Did you already give it to me? Am I blind and deaf or are my duties so small I haven’t recognized them yet? Here comes pride again.

If you want to serve me, you must start by serving in the small things, you must learn to find love and truth in everything you meet. You must look for the Divine in every soul you meet. You must first see the Divine in yourself. See how extraordinary you are, there is no one like you at this time or ever. You must dive deep inside and find those treasures I gave you. I didn’t create them on your surface; I didn’t create them for all to see if they are not looking very carefully. That was my gift. Your self-hatred has buried the gifts, now it is time to love yourself, to unwrap my love inside your soul.

You must never hate yourself. You must love yourself like I love you - with no limits, with true forgiveness. Your flaws are not faults, I do not make mistakes and I created you, my child with love. Humans and the world made you believe you are not good enough as you are. But I can assure you, you are my perfect child and I want you to shine.

I want you to sit every morning and look for the treasures deep in your soul. Be open, do not seek something special. Do not look for something you already know of. You are on track, but you haven’t yet discovered your beauty. You still need to love yourself more. Tell yourself every day: “I am perfect as I am.” Let yourself shine. Build your faith by sitting in silence writing every day. Concentrate on positive thinking, building your own world of love and faith. I am with you always. You can count on me. I know you fear trusting me, because of the many times you were let down by humans. They didn’t know better. Don’t bring that with you. Trust in me and humans will not be able to let you down. Humans forget my love is available to them at all times and they tend to build their trust in the material world. But the material world is not to be trusted; it is to be enjoyed for its beauty. It is for humans to keep and enjoy, but not to be trusted. Everything material will ultimately fade and disappear but my love is eternal and forever here and trusted.

Always love yourself first. Develop that ability. I know you are longing to serve humanity and your time will come but you must love yourself first. Find your joy again and your sense of wonder. Develop that and when you have enough love and trust the rest will follow. I will show you your way and you will know when your time comes. Until then love and trust.

Your Father in the Heavens