New birth

Messages 2012

the speed of your soul

April 25th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


My dear child,

Let’s talk about living by the speed of your soul. Your soul is a very delicate part of you. The eternal part. The part that is forever connected to me. The part that will live forever. Your soul has its own vibration, its own sound. Its own smell and taste. I sense your soul as a part of me. I feel your soul. We are one.

Your soul also has its own speed. You should live by that. For most of you that means you must slow down. You are too busy. Your soul is constantly trying to communicate with you. In your soul is all you need to live a happy life, but the communication is very soft and delicate and easily overheard. You must slow down. That’s why meditating, sitting in silence and walking in nature is good for you. The rhythm of nature is much in alignment with the rhythm of your soul. Sit in nature, watch how life is unfolding. Sense nature with all your being and you will feel close to your soul and close to Me. Sitting in nature, breathing life in, you are able to feel your soul and feeling your soul will make it easy to communicate.

Here come those feelings again (smile). I cannot stress enough how important your feelings are. You must feel your feelings; you must recognize them as the part of you that is constantly communicating your true desires. Your feelings speak your soul’s language. You cannot live without feelings. You must trust your feelings to live by the speed of your soul.

Loving you today as always

Your Father