Messages 2012

I never rejected you

May 16th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


My beloved child,

I never rejected you. I never gave you up. I loved you then and I love you now. My love is here for you always. You have felt rejected and it is a feeling that is solidly planted in your heart and soul. You have continuously drawn experiences into your life which confirmed and consolidated your feeling of rejection. You create your own reality and you felt unworthy and unconsciously expected to be rejected.

You have now become aware of a much deeper layer of rejection. You have been unwilling to face your own feelings of rejection, thus you have projected your feelings on others. In that way you were not acting responsibly and you never got to the core of that feeling. A few days ago you had an experience with your daughter which shed light on your feelings of rejection and you realized that you were projecting your own feelings upon her. As long as you do that, you will keep yourself at distance from your own feelings, never giving yourself an opportunity to consciously accept this feeling as YOUR feeling and your responsibility.

Sometimes you bury your feelings deep inside you. You do that by not accepting them. You have done that with the feeling of rejection because it has been too painful for you to feel those feelings. When you try to hide yourself from those feelings, you start projecting your feelings upon others. You think that it has nothing to do with you. But it is a reminder of your unwillingness to take responsibility. Awareness and responsibility walk hand in hand.

You became sad and frustrated because of your new discovery and you wanted to get to the core of that feeling and you realized something very important about yourself. You realized that rejection is about you and Me. I never rejected you. It was you who rejected me. You never let Me in. You didn’t let My Love fill you and comfort you.

Your story is the story of Humanity. Since the beginning of time you decided to walk alone, you left my guiding hand untouched. You turned away from Me and even though it breaks My Heart, there is nothing I can do. I created you in Love. I created you in freedom. You must choose My Love in freedom.

You want to take full responsibility for yourself. You want to take responsibility for your feelings and actions. Your willingness to know the truth about yourself will bring you healing.

You have felt at a distance from Me these last days. Know that I love you and will never leave you. When you cannot feel My presence, it is because you refuse to feel your feelings. You are hiding. I am present with you through your feelings. I am here for you always. My love never ends. But you must let Me love you. Let me Love you.

Your ever present Father