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tell me what can be

April 27th, 2012


Received by: Joseph


I awoke after only 4 hours of sleep. A word came to me, and the word was this: Tell me not what cannot be … But tell me what can be.

And so I listened and then dressed, and went to my office, first to pray, and then to write. And the following is what I wrote:


Speak to me -

Tell me not what cannot be, but tell me what can be.

Let me dream the dream of grandeur and possibilities that await the soul being transformed by the great Love of our Heavenly Father.

Tell me of the Substance of the Divine Love, how it is the ingredient in the soul to change the soul as it has existed since its creation.

Let me see the glories that await the soul of the person that is in the process of being changed by Love.

Tell me not those things that cannot be: Speak to me instead of openness and freedom available for the human who is willing to experiment and dream of things that can be.

And speak to me of what Jesus meant when he wrote through James Padgett and said:

“…you, in your day, will not receive all the truths of the Infinite. Always new ones will come to the knowledge of men, and the revelations of truth will never have finality - and no man or spirit can ever be able to say that his knowledge is complete. Progress is the one law of the universe that exists always, and man, when he gets in condition, will always be the object and subject of that law.”

I heard a voice within and it said: Eye has not seen, or ear has heard, all the glories that await the soul being transformed by Divine Love.

Who will sing a new song? Where is the singer of new songs?

Where are the writers of new music of the soul?

And where are the writers of poems and stories of the new soul?

How shall the people hear, or how shall they know if the writers and singers remain silent?

Where are the builders of new gardens, those that from their dreams build homes and schools and theaters inspired by the new soul?

Where are the healers that go forth to bring healing to those that are hurt, and heal those that are lame and deaf and blind?

Where are the bringers of true medicine that truly heals and gives new life and health?

Who will show by their life the reality of the substance of the Divine Love? Will you continue to hide the things of the Divine Love under a basket?

Where are the dreamers - those that see possibilities of what can be and not what cannot be?

The Spirit of God our Heavenly Father sends forth a word to our soul. Who among you listens?

Our Father calls to us, and asks us to awaken to the glories and grandeur of the soul being transformed by the Great Love - the Divine Love.

Do not limit the extent of Love’s great possibilities.

Dare to dream; dare to allow Love to bring forth new life so that the world may behold the new man and the new woman.

Allow the Substance of Love to change you thoroughly through and through; allow Love to be the change that you desire.

Allow Love to change you … to change the way that you see your world, and the way that you think about yourself and your life. Allow Love to change you.

Do not limit the work of your transformation. Do not say what Love will not do, but rather talk about what Love will do.

Look to Love - the Divine Love - and what it will do. Allow your soul to expand and breathe new life into existence. Love - the Divine Love - is limitless; and so also is the experience and expression of Divine Love limitless.

The world awaits the children of God to show what the Divine Love will do and what human life can truly be.

The voice of many spirits who listen to the voice of the Father.


Note by Webmaster: This was undoubtedly a direct result of the conversations on a few message boards questioning the current series of messages from Child of God. Simply because convention within the Divine Love movement has held that Father cannot speak directly to his children.