Messages 2012

Wipe away the tears.

June 21st, 2012

Received by Soulchild


I am here, my child it is your Father.

Wipe away the tears, as I see your heart which is filled with love for me.

You love me and I love you. Your longings for me are at times sincere and deep, that is when I am moved and feel your soul longings. I hear your every whisper when you talk to me, I always hear you.

Long for me often and I respond and give you the support and answers to the many questions. Feel with your heart, ask questions with your heart, and the answers will come easy. Your head is too engaged, and you try to understand with your head - don’t. Understand with your heart and you will feel the answers coming from me.

I love you my child. You are burdened by the question of “forgiveness.” What you need to ask for to be forgiven, what are the things you have done or not done that needs to be forgiven. Open your soul and it will come to you. In an unexpected moment you will long for my forgiveness and you will have clarity about your wrong doing or wrong thinking. Be open and feel for the right moment.

I am here, your Father.

I love you and always will.