Messages 2012

Jesus on War - 2

March 7th, 2012

Berkeley, California

Received by FAB


I am here, Jesus.

Let me continue yesterday’s channeling. I said we are not naive, and we are not. But as agents of God, we seek only the good. So we are intensely aware of the horrors and sufferings of war, even as our main focus is our spiritual concern with the human soul.

In your own experience with us, you have seen that we have never violated your free will. We cannot, and won’t. And yet we have been able to succeed with you over a lifetime. Why? Because your soul was basically good, and you were seeking truth. This established a powerful rapport. And when your awareness of the Divine Love and God’s truths became conscious, this intensified our rapport. And now, you want to serve us, so your will is aligned with ours, resulting in increased success due to this greater rapport.

Let me return to Hitler. He was totally out of harmony, to the point where he was a menace to all except those who blindly followed him. As circumstances showed, his regime collapsed just twelve short years after it seized power. Did we have a hand in this? The answer is, yes.

So now, you can see what has confused you. Hitler was defeated by his own freewill choice to invade the Soviet Union, which opened up a two-front war. Apparently, he couldn’t be stopped. But he WAS stopped, as a result of his own choice.

Now with the Nazis in power, the whole world was affected. That included one transplanted American named Dr. Leslie Stone. He endured valiantly in that dark era, struggling to preserve the Padgett messages by publishing them in 1940. It was vital for our purposes that he survive intact, and he did, dying at a ripe old age, and having completed his mission successfully. Had Hitler won the war, events would not have been so positive.

And it was not just Dr. Stone. It was the whole human race that was threatened, so we worked our magic to terminate an evil system. The evil has persisted to the present day, and so our work continues. For us, we do not align politically, just as the Padget messages teach. We just work for human happiness, and where there is a major impediment to human welfare, we work to remove it, not because we are Democrats or Republicans, but because we seek to aid God’s misguided children, some of whom have felt that the only way to succeed is to inflict suffering on others. These types of people in power cause the trouble, so their influence must be changed so that the greater good prevail.

You will soon see the results of our efforts in your time.