Messages 2012

false and true teachers

May 10th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


Today we will talk about false and true teachers. You are wondering if there have been any true teachers since Jesus and how it is possible for humans to discern false teachers from true teachers.

This is indeed a good subject. You ask this question of Me and I will let Jesus speak.

You will know a true teacher through his kind and loving actions. A true teacher will never make you feel small. He will always see the greatness in you no matter how small you feel. He will always know your great potential. He will always be honest and speak the Truth in a kind and loving way. The Truth might disturb and upset you and challenge your beliefs, nevertheless he speaks the Truth with love. Humility is another property of a teacher of Truth. Responsibility too. A teacher of Truth will always take responsibility for his own words and actions. A true teacher will never violate your free will. A true teacher will never threaten you.

Why do so many people believe in false teachers you ask? It is all about self responsibility. It is about courage. Many of you are like sheep in a herd. You fear being alone. You fear your own greatness and potential. You fear your life will end if you stand out. Stand out. But do so in humility and in grace.

Truth is simple. Truth is free. Truth is for every man and woman. Know God, our Father and you will never feel alone.

Your brother Jesus