New birth

Messages 2012

the Ten Commandments

April 21st, 2012

Received by: Child of God


Today we will talk about the Ten Commandments. This is a topic you do not know much about and it makes you a little tense. Relax so I can speak openly with no resistance on your part.

You never liked rules. You always felt rules made people feel small, and that rules limited peoples freedom. You would prefer to live with no rules - that people would just live in love. I would love that too. And maybe someday it will be. But in a world where not many humans feel my Love, rules are necessary in order to build a society.

Living by rules like the Ten Commandments will help people to live a morally correct life, when my Love hasn’t yet filled their souls. When my Love has filled their souls, rules are no longer necessary. Living by my Love will automatically bring everything into balance and you will need no rules. Everything will be in accordance with love which is my law.

This conversation is difficult. You have a lot of resistance and we are not in very good rapport with each other. Because of the character of the topic you are a little nervous. Just take it easy on yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t feel afraid because everything is fine.

There is nothing wrong with the Ten Commandments. They were made by humans not by me, but in a world out of balance with not much love, it was necessary to have rules, some kind of easily understandable living conditions, that could easily be applied to human life - in order to live a life that is more in balance with truth than before.

One day, when every soul on earth is filled with my Love, rules and commandments will not be necessary. The consequence of every act will be just more love, love in abundance. A life in complete harmony.

This was a difficult message for you, but you received it well.

Another topic has been on your mind. It is about gentleness and being gentle with yourself. It is about your inner voice and the difference between the critical voice many of you live your lives by. A voice that is far from gentle and which rules your life for many of you. Those are not my words. If there is a voice inside, and there always is, it is known by its kindness. If there is a voice inside telling you anything different from you being perfect, that is not my voice. Never would I speak unkindly to my children. Never. Know me through my kindness.

Many teachers are talking about using positive affirmations to break the voice inside that speaks unkindly. It might be helpful because words are very powerful. And the voice you hear inside is a reflection of your thoughts about yourself. But it will be impossible for you to silence that voice without getting into a better soul condition.

You are now confused. You are wondering again whether these words are yours or mine. As I told you before there really is no difference. Since my words are filtered through your mind your condition is very important for you to receive my words correctly. Don’t be hard on yourself. I love you and I will do everything that is possible on my part for the two of us to stay in contact. You are actually tired because of some very vivid dreams tonight. You haven’t slept well. You are a human, you need sleep and food and rest to feel good. And you do not feel good today.

You are my loving child. Take care. Be kind with yourself and know that I love you.

We will talk again soon

In love

Your Father


Note. This message was held back initially, because of the suggestion above that Moses did not receive the “text” of the Ten Commandments from Father. We tend to think that he may well have, which is what he said, but that this message instead refers to the fact that humans have interpreted these commandments to suit themselves.