Messages 2012

Let my love flood over you

November 13th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


My dear child,

There have been several subjects on your mind that you want us to talk about. Let’s continue with yesterday’s subject about receiving.

There is a great gift in giving and developing your ability to give is important. Through giving you strengthen your compassion. But what is giving without receiving? If no one is able to feel your love and accept your gift what would it be worth? Your ability to give is well developed. Remember the joy you feel when someone accepts your love and you feel their happiness and your frustration when you give from your heart and the other person cannot accept your gift.

Let love flow. Let love be a wave of giving and receiving. Never stop the flow. Shower yourself in the love and feel the joy and happiness of both giving and receiving.

My love never ends. My love is an endless flood. Let my love flood over you. Feel it and strengthen your heart and soul to love even more. Receive my love and let My Love be your fuel for becoming love and peace on earth. Drink from it. There is always more. You just need to ask and open up your heart and soul to the gift of receiving.

Loving you as always,

Your Father