Messages 2012

feeling My Love

September 4th, 2012

Received by: Child of God


My dear child.

Keep on writing. There are many more to come and it will happen. Be patient with yourself. You are preparing and right now you are cleansing and clearing to become a more refined channel for My Love. Together we will work miracles, just wait and see. Everything has its perfect time and your time has come. You will feel My Love more and more and as this happens, you will radiate more of My Love for the benefit of others. You are a shining star. Just continue what you are now doing. Feeling your feelings and releasing all things that do no longer serve you. Seeking advice and letting others help you. Until now you have listened carefully and taken advice from truthful people who indeed have been of great help and support. Just continue.

Remember you are not alone. I am with you. But there are others as well in your world with the same desire as you. We are connected and there are invisible threads between us. Love travels through time and space with no effort, so distance in your world means nothing. That is why you feel your new friends so close to your heart even though they are physically far away. That is the web of Divine Love.

Trust, my dear child. You have been through hard times, but I always felt your love and trust. You have kept yourself going, even when you felt despair and you couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But you kept walking in the dark with trust in your brave heart. I love you. My angels have been watching over you and they rejoice since you are almost there. They admire you for your courage, for your tireless search for Truth. For never giving up and settling for less than Truth.

I know you cannot yet see how the pieces will fall into place. You feel that the way you are now living is not completely in compliance with who and what you are. You wonder how all you are now will fit with your daily life. I can assure you that everything is taken care of. You need only go with the flow and follow your inner guidance (Me) and I will keep you safe. You need never fear, I and My angels are with you, watching your every footstep. We will never let anything harm you.

You are asking for personal advice to get into better condition to receive the fullness of My Love and Truth. You must pray more. I know you often feel an extreme sadness when you pray and that you do not feel the bliss other people are talking about. That is something you must move through but you do not do that by avoiding praying. You are simply delaying that which you long to experience. There has been a lot of grief in your life. You have felt very lonely. Life has been difficult and overwhelming so you closed your heart in order to survive. You must now open up your heart to experience the fullness of My Love. When doing that you experience those feelings of grief. Know that My Love will help you move through that.

Know that I adore you. Know that I admire you for your endurance and for continuing your journey even though it hurts.

Now that you know what you are experiencing, know also that this will pass as soon as you open your heart fully. You will soon be able to feel My Love to its fullest potential. I know it will be worth it.

I keep you in My Loving Embrace

Your Father